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A company designed for smaller spaces.

Reasons why you may be have landed on our page:

  1. Your apartment or condo is “cookie cutter” and doesn’t reflect your style or feel like a real home.

  2. Your Airbnb needs to be set up swiftly, and start booking quickly.


Our Services

Private Apartment Design

Do you have a Pinterest page full of ideas that may or may not fit your space?

We can start there, and get an idea of what you wish to achieve. Helping you find furniture, art, and table decor that will bring that dream to life. Once we have our ideas and items in order, we will then place everything, and hang your decor. All that is left to do, is take a photo of your space and add it to Pinterest for someone else to find inspiration in.

Airbnb /Rental Space Design

Here we take a bit more control - we keep in mind your budget, timeline and desired look for your space. Literally, we handle the logistics so you can focus on other priorities dealing with an Airbnb/Rental space set up. With over 100 plus Airbnb designs and set ups, we promise to come up with a unique look that your guests will RAVE about!

But please be warned that once your have one unit designed by us, the added revenue can become addicting.


Packages We Offer:


Package One:

Grab a Design

This package allows you to be the designer with a little help. We do all of the not so fun stuff like, measuring and furniture placement, while you get to shop and decorate. We start by meeting with you, and doing a complete measurement of the space. We then send over a design board and map. On the design board your will find all of the furniture that will best fit your space and where each piece should go. Then it’s up to you to take over and become the decorator.

Package Two:

Start to Finish

Ever just want that HGTV experience?

Well then this is the package for you. Here we do it all from start to finish. We will develop the design, layout, finding all of the furniture, decor and art to complete the space.

Here we only ask that you have a nice week off while we completely redesign and decorate your space.

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Our Story


This company is truthfully built on love. Love for what we do and for each other. It may sound a bit cheesy, but it is true. I (Mariko) was an interior designer who lost it all when the economy fell apart in 2008. I had to regroup and find another career path. It was in apartment property management that I met my love Chris and found new inspiration. I realized while working in this new field that there was a group of people being overlooked by interior designers. If we simple lower the price and found a better way of furnishing small spaces. We could offer that same high end interior design skill to more than just homeowners.

So together we developed Mariko Interiors and built a clientele base that consists of multi-property apartment owners, corporate housing companies and of coarse the average apartment renter. It is very rewarding work that we are very proud of.